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For almost 10 years, we have been dispensing quality marijuana and cannabis products in Vancouver.  Our store is known for providing a safe, comfortable and neutral atmosphere for all.  Because we strongly believe that quality marijuana should be safely accessible to anybody with no funny business.  All our products are 100% professionally grown, personally selected and quality assured.

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Hate line-ups?  Just pre-order with your debit card and skip the line-up.  Your order will be waiting for you at our store within minutes.


Can’t leave the home?   Just order online and we will deliver your marijuana to your door within 1 hour, anywhere in Vancouver, within 1 hour.

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Not in Vancouver?  That’s ok, we can mail marijuana to your door, discreetly and properly sealed.  All orders are tracked, so you’ll be kept in the loop.

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312 W Hastings St. Vancouver, BC